Aish Abroad

Earn College Credits in Israel While Exploring Your 3,000 Year Old Heritage


It is about Education and Leadership 
Gain a strong understanding of core concepts in Jewish thought while living in the heart of Jerusalem.


  • Examine the Relevance of being Jewish in todays world.

  • Define major tenets of Jewish thought from a rational perspective

  • Explore major themes and practices in Jewish spirituality

  • Gain leadership skills necessary for the Jewish worlds advancment

Curriculum include tracks in: Jewish Philosophy, Jewish History, Talmudic Studies, Torah Studies, Relationships & Jewish Law

Enter a forum which provides opportunities for Jews of all backgrounds to discover the wisdom and beauty of their heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect.


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The future is up to us as we cultivate the next generation of Jewish leaders who are inspired,energized, and educated. Your generous donation today can help us make this a reality.

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