top of page is the website that allows people to take the next step in their Jewish learning with comprehensive online courses. Created by, Jewish Pathways takes the most essential "how-to" information and packages it into user-friendly modules, so that students can study at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.


For years, Jews moving closer to observance, or those simply looking for a refresher course, had nowhere on the Internet to turn for comprehensive, user-friendly material geared to their level. Jewish Pathways is for someone who may be new to Jewish observance and need to “catch up,” or may be an old-timer who wants to learn in a more systematic, comprehensive way.

Jewish Pathways offers self-paced, online courses in:


Jewish Pathways courses are built around essential learning components like videos lectures, readings, slide shows and quizzes – featuring top Jewish educators. Jewish Pathways differs from a textbook in that it leverages the power of the Internet as an educational tool. "Many people have tried to learn Judaism from a book, but it is too cold and technical,” says Rabbi Shraga Simmons, director of Jewish Pathways. “But Pathways makes it all come alive. We take a student through the material step-by-step, and add a variety of multi-media elements that provide a crucial dimension."

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